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Meccanica Nova has been AEO certified since 2013.

Meccanica Nova S.p.A. has been awarded the Excellence Award Certificate AEO (Authorized Economic Operator – Customs) by the competent Customs Authority as a recognition of a valid reliability status at the European level to which benefits are related that fall immediately and positively on the entire international supply chain within which Meccanica Nova operates.

These advantages translate into a reduction of documentary and physical controls, which in turn promotes priority treatment in shipments resulting in speeding up the procedures at the border, thus minimizing delivery delays.

This certification is for Meccanica Nova a very important factor of competitiveness that we are proud of having obtained and comply with.


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Meccanica Nova has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001.

The business organization is viewed as the set of processes aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction, but also the continuous improvement of the organization.

Today, with the new edition of ISO 9001, the organization finally sees an established management model that leads the organization itself to constantly improve their performances
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Meccanica Nova has been member of the UCIMU Association since 1946.

Moved to action by the alarm that such a problem generates in the mind of the public, appointed bodies (from every level, all over the world) are devoting great attention to environmental activities, not excluding, of course, the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers of machine tools, on which the entire industry largely relies when designing and manufacturing the entire range of manufactured goods, are therefore required to make available environmentally friendly production systems
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Meccanica Nova Corporation has been member of AMTDA since 2002.

Founded in 1925, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association (AMTDA) is a trade association dedicated to advancing the sales and marketing of machine tools in the United States through the distribution channel. The 250 machine tool Distributor member companies and 150 Builder and Marketing Associate members represent the latest in manufacturing technology and machine tools in the North American marketplace.