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Meccanica Nova has been member of the UCIMU Association since 1946.

Moved to action by the alarm that such a problem generates in the mind of the public, appointed bodies (from every level, all over the world) are devoting great attention to environmental activities, not excluding, of course, the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers of machine tools, on which the entire industry largely relies when designing and manufacturing the entire range of manufactured goods, are therefore required to make available environmentally friendly production systems
, allowing users to use resources efficiently, minimizing the use of energy, raw materials and resources.

As such, the companies sporting the UCIMU mark, the distinctive sign of the most qualified Italian production, have invested much time and effort to achieve machine tools capable of ensuring environmental sustainability of the production cycle to which they are an integral part.

This commitment represents conclusive evidence of a true and real philosophy, the "Blue Philosophy", in the UCIMU mark (suitably redesigned)
. ...."

Texts taken from the UCIMU website.