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Meccanica Nova has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001.

The business organization is viewed as the set of processes aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction, but also the continuous improvement of the organization.

Today, with the new edition of ISO 9001, the organization finally sees an established management model that leads the organization itself to constantly improve their performances
through the pursuit / realization of eight guiding principles:

•    Orientation to the customer
•    Leadership
•    Involvement of the staff
•    Process-based approach

•    System approach to management
•    Continuous improvement
•    Decision-making process based on facts
•    Relationship with the suppliers aimed at a mutual advantage

The objectives and benefits are the overall satisfaction of all parties involved (customers, employees, suppliers, owners, companies) through:

•    Definition of roles and responsibilities within the company
•    Definition of operating procedures within the company
•    Respect of contracts
•    Compliance with law
•    Motivation of the staff
•    Optimisation of the time and of the use of resources resulting
     in increased productivity

•    Reduction in costs, increase in revenues, and therefore
     overall increase in business efficiency

Achievement of business objectives
•    Continuous improvement of business performances
•    Improvement of corporate image

Texts taken from the Tüv Italia website.