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Gears Grinding Machines Manufacturer

  Gears Grinding Machines Manufacturer


Meccanica Nova offers a range of gears grinding machines dedicated to the differential crown manufacture of manual and automatic transmissions. The machine in question is very flexible, able to work sprockets engine and dragged from thefirst to the sixth / seventh gear, the pinion of reverse run, primary and secondary shafts.

The core of our grinding operation in question is the adjustment of the hole and the conesynchro simultaneously in a single workpiece. In this way we are able to guarantee the maximum precision in terms of concentricity between the two diameters machined, a cycle time of realization of the piece highly competitive and a duration of life of the tools high, that the benefit of the times of retooling machine tool wear, that translates to the customer in higher productivity.

In addition to the simultaneous grinding of the hole and of the cone, the gears grinding machines is able to realize grinding operations of faces, in thrust, with cup wheels, or pulled, with a grinding wheelto the cap, the undercut faces with special grinding wheels.