Company Profile - Meccanica Nova GmbH

The opening of our new subsidary company Meccanica Nova GmbH in Stuttgart, Am Mittelkai 2, 70327, was strongly supported by the management of Meccanica NOVA Spa in recognition of the importance that the German market holds for the Company and with the specific purpose of strengthening its presence in terms of quality and efficiency of our pre and after sales services.



The world market tied to the machine tool industry follows closely the cycles of the automotive market. Meccanica Nova focuses mainly on the components for cars and bearings. 

The average turnover of the company has accounted for around € 38.4 Mln. in the last 10 years.

About 95% of our turnover is export and, except in special cases, 50% of this goes to countries in Asia and the U.S. In details, about 50% of our exports are supplied to Europe, most of which concentrated in Germany, and the rest is supplied to the USA (10%), China (20%) and India (20%) respectively. 

These data show that countries that can absorb the Nova grinding machines are either those where an advanced technological development already exists and also less industrialized countries since when complex engineering problems arise, high-tech machinery is invariably required to solve the situation tecnologico.

Complete Taper Roller Bearings Inner Rings Grinding Line.