External Grinding Machines Manufacturer feed


A range of high productivity external grinding systems for workparts with external diameter ranging from 5mm to 500mm and width up to 200mm. Possibility to slant the workpart axis by 15 and 36 degrees for special components grinding. Dressing units depending on the workpart profiles ranging from diamond rolls and rotary dressing wheels to CNC controlled double-fulcrum rotary dressers or single point dressers for both conventional and CBN wheels.

 Main Available Devices  

  • Automatic Load/Unload, including workpart automation and transfer lines
  • Automatic Wheel Balancing
  • Acoustic Emissions System for Gap Elimination
  • 50kW Electric Wheelspindle for 610mm (24”) Diameter Wheels
  • Integrated Demagnetizing Unit
  • Quick Changeover device for off-line setup 
  Machine Model   Max Workpart Capacity
  Novamatic PGE   ø 5 - 40 mm,  Width  20 mm
  Novamatic PGE 80
  ø 10 - 80 mm,  Width  60 mm
  Novamatic PGE 120
  ø 10 - 120 mm,  Width  100 mm
  Novamatic PGE 200
  ø 50 - 210 mm,  Width  100 mm
  Novamatic PGE 300
  ø 80 - 300 mm,  Width  100 mm
  Novamatic PGE U
  ø 100 - 500 mm,  Width  200 mm

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