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A range of high-productivity internal grinding systems for workparts with external diameter ranging from 5mm to 500mm and width up to 200mm. Several clamping systems available including diaphragm chuck, roll-shoe and mag-drive shoe-centerless devices. Dressing units depending on the workpart profiles ranging from diamond rolls and rotary dressing wheels to CNC controlled double-fulcrum rotary dressers or single point dressers for both conventional as well as CBN wheels.

 Main Available Devices
  • Automatic Load/Unload, including workpart automation and transfer lines 
  • Automatic Taper Correction Systems
  • Acoustic Emissions System for Gap Elimination and wheel-to-dresser contact control
  • High-frequency wheelspindles with hybrid bearings
  • Quick Changeover design and off-line setup
  Machine Model   Max Workpart Capacity
  Novamatic 2G-J   ø 5 - 25 mm, Width 20 mm
  Novamatic 2G   ø 10 - 90 mm,   Width 60 mm
  Novamatic 2G-S   ø 20 - 130 mm, Width 100 mm
  Novamatic 4G   ø 50 - 210 mm, Width 100 mm
  Novamatic 4G-S   ø 80 - 500 mm, Width 200 mm


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