The Novamodul range comprises highly flexible machines that can be fully customized to meet our customers’ grinding requirements.

These machines are specifically designed as cylindrical grinding machines for bearings and rings and in particular for the precision grinding of oversized components such as the inner and outer rings of ball bearings, cylindrical and barrel roller bearings for the wind energy sector, oversized thrust bearings for the machine tool industry, and landing gears for the aerospace industry.

These cylindrical grinding machines for rings and bearings are suitable for grinding cylindrical or tapered bores, ball tracks, tracks between lips, straight and diverging lips, as well as outer faces and diameters.


– Workpart range: Ø 100-1,000 mm, ≠ 2,000 mm
– CNC-controlled transversal slide (Q axis) with stroke up to 600 mm
– Four-position wheel spindle turret
– In-process electronic sizing unit
– Automatic wheel balancing device
– Integrated automatic loader, gantry loader or articulated loader
– Nova CNC controlled specifically designed for optimum grinding performance
– Industry 4.0 ready