Industry 4.0

  1. Efficient energy use and monitoring of the energy consumption by use of network analyzers such as SIEMENS PAC3200.
  2. Machine connectivity, including configuration of a WiFi network upon customer request.
  3. Workpart traceability via vision system, QR code or RFID identification.
  4. Production data collection: Machine cycle times analyses (e.g. average cycle time, partial grinding, dressing and workpart change times); total, partial and hourly workpart count; stocks, etc. We are able to collect a wide range of sensitive data that offer an overview of the productive efficiency of our grinding machines.
  5. Load monitoring: Monitoring of the load of the motors by the analysis of the drives data; Monitoring of the grinding force available by analysis of the electric spindle power consumption.
  6. Integration of remote maintenance systems: The software “Access My Machine” can be installed on machines with Siemens NC; other NCs can possibly be integrated with the customer’s pre-existing systems, such as MES systems.
  7. Remote control diagnostics and assistance: Remote control assistance via TeamViewer is pre-set in all of our machines. The software “Sinumerik Analyze MyCondition” can only be used on machines with Siemens NC.