Social responsibility

Our company has always been sensitive to environmental issues. The increasing global awareness of the importance of energy saving and environment protection is already widespread throughout Meccanica Nova.

We are committed to a better future for our planet and chose to adopt clean, latest generation technologies to further increase our environmental friendliness.

Our Green Culture is deeply rooted in the production processes as well as in our staff, who is actively involved in environmental protection through waste recycling.

The care for the environment is the guiding principle in the design of our grinding machine, which are conceived to minimise energy consumption and loss by use of advanced, ecologically sound technologies, such as the energy recovery system installed on our electric wheel spindles and activated during wheel braking.

It is estimated that, thanks to the new photovoltaic power system, Meccanica Nova will contribute to the health of the planet by saving approx. 17,500 tons of CO2, 38,500 kg of NOx (nitrogen oxides) and 43,000 barrels of crude oil in the 30 years after its installation in 2008.